Mentor Committee


Director, Scriptwriter
Art Director of Shenzhen Fat Bird Theatre

The Pearl River Basin is the only delta in China formed by three main rivers which come from different directions and flow through different cultural areas. In this geographical space we are in, the only thing we can do well is to share the diverse cultures, people and opportunities and make them coexist here.


Elected Member (Arts Administration)
of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

We look forward to seeing each creator's self-discourse - how do they think about the close relationship between community locality and the creativity of their work?

LIU Yang (Luya)

Deputy Director of Guangdong Times Museum
Chief Curator of Public Programs

The value of art lies in its impact on the human heart, spilling over into everyone's actions and becoming a force in our daily lives that helps us to face changes in the world with sensitivity and determination.


Director of Seeyoutomorrow

Within the city, the old urban villages are important, like the East Village in New York, Venice and other ancient villages. They have developed not in a completely new, contemporary mode, but with a multicultural lead.

HUI Koc Kun (Billy HUI)

Art Director of Hiu Kok Theatre
Coordinator of Macao Arts Festival

I hope to attract more young people who are engaged in culture and art to come here, so that culture and art can drive the vitality of Nan Tou City itself and stimulate creativity in the community.